Essential for Organizing, Label Makers and TZ Tape!

In this post I’ll draw the line of connection from our success in our pursuits to the TZ Tapes in our label makers!

A surefire way to succeed is to be organized. How can we increase the liklihood of success in our endeavors? Being organized is mental and physical, and having one begets the other. Having the headspace and clarity to focus on our goals is most achievable when we’ve created physical order and organization. See, the key to to allowing ourselves the psychological room to focus on our goals is creating order in our rooms, desks, and spaces where we work. A label maker with labels on tz tapes is an easy and simple way to assign meaning and get going with bigger, more demanding mental tasks. Continue reading Essential for Organizing, Label Makers and TZ Tape!

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Why Oil Prices Dropped and How They Affect The Market – Explained in Just 10 Points

So basically what we need to know is that everyone on this planet (billions and billions of people) are dependent on oil directly or indirectly for all the basic necessities like food, transport and daily products. Now that we know this, let’s find out how the entire planet is being manipulated by a few powerful players who have been able to capitalise on this human dependency:

1. So it started when a few countries and their capitalists decided to get together to control the production and supply of oil – the one ingredient that is capable of turning everyone into addicts. (Sure enough we cannot live without oil, and thereby, are addicts)

2. These select few ultra rich countries and capitalists get gargantuan amounts of money for the oil from the billions of people. Imagine the money coming from billions of people and getting accumulated with a collective few. That’s a lot of money!

3. The money from billions of people reaches few very rich people who don’t know what to do with the excess amount of money. Even after spending ultra lavishly on all their luxuries, they will still be left with a lot more.

4. Unable to spend the money generated from the bazillions of people, they decide to invest it in the stocks.

5. Suddenly, USA – a major importer of oil, becomes the biggest oil producer due to its shale oil resources in Texas and North Dakota.

6. There is now surplus oil in the market as none of the oil producing countries want to take a back seat and stop producing oil.

7. So the billions of people are glad at the oil price drop and are happy to spend less money on the fuel without a clue that if this trend continues, they would end up losing jobs and hence will not be able to afford the fuel even at low prices.

8. Now how will they lose jobs?

Remember the few capitalists controlling the oil and using the money to invest in stocks? They cut down on their investments in the stocks.

9. This is a terrible news to the stock market as without investments they are going to drop like hot bricks. And the economy? It drops too. This then results in a stock market crash, with everyone retrieving money from the market, rather than investing in it

10. Thus, if the oil prices continue to drop, there will be recession.

What an Investment Advisor Will Do for You

The key to financial success is letting your money work for you; not the other way around. By reinvesting the money that you earn, you can watch as the amount grows exponentially. This extra income is critical to a comfortable (and potentially early) retirement down the road. That being said, it is not as easy as simply sending your money to the stock market or an investment group. With the help of a trained professional, an investment advisor can guide you every step of the way to make sure that you are making smart financial decisions to maximize the power of your money.

An investment advisor can help you understand

– What stocks and mutual funds to invest in (as well as explaining the strengths of each)
– When to buy and when to sell stocks
– Any risks that accompanies investing in general
– What types of investments are available, such as general savings or retirement funds
– What to anticipate as returns for the investments you are making

What is especially nice about investment advisors is that they are just as motivated to make you money as you are for yourself. For the most part, they earn their money from the profits that they are making for you. They are not going to gamble your money by suggesting unreliable stocks, but rather use their extended resources and knowledge to make the best decisions. They monitor stocks 24/7 to make sure that no opportunities are missed. If you elect for a more aggressive option, you can expect advice concerning which stocks to buy and sell on a regular basis to ensure maximum return.

Aside from general savings, an investment advisor will outline a full retirement plan with you to budget and account for your future. This alleviates a lot of stress and uncertainty that the future generally brings. They will tailor a plan to your specific needs and desires to help you retire when and how you want. A good retirement plan offers stability and enjoyment down the road. Vacations, as well as financial support to your children, can all be made possible thanks to proper planning years in advance.

While long-term plans are always important, shorter goals can also be accomplished with the help of investment advisors. If you have any large purchases lying ahead, such as a car, a house, or a college tuition, a professional can help you acquire these. Aggressive, short-term investing is a great way to supplement a regular income. This all goes back to the idea of letting your money work for you. By getting educated advice on buying and selling stocks, it is not unreasonable to make upwards of a 10% annual return on your investment. When this return is reinvested, a nice sum can quickly be made. That being said, about 80 percent of individuals who buy and sell stocks on their own end up losing money. This is why it is especially important to seek the help of a trained professional. With their help, financial success is only a call away!

Is a Monthly Income Bond Worth Paying For Every Month?

Most investment plans pay either annually or bi-annually. Stock gives you the earnings quarterly, but there is a lot of risk when investing in the stock market. Therefore, this bond has been introduced to help you build a portfolio which can pay dividends every month. This investment product can ensure you have a reliable income after retirement to help pay your living expenses.

When you invest your lump sum in a monthly investment plan, then the bond issuer gives you the coupon payment (interest amount) monthly on the investment, however, the interest is calculated daily.

There are several benefits over other types of investment which are listed below, if you invest your savings in a Monthly Income Bond:

Lucrative & Less Risky:

This type of bond is labeled with good monthly returns and is also less prone to risk. These are the reasons that make this product a lucrative deal for investors. Your capital amount is safe and the interest amount will transfer into your account every month. However, the amount of interest may vary with inflation, but won’t stop the monthly payments.

Tax Exempted:

Investors can build a good portfolio investing their money in this type of bond. The interest amount is paid tax-free, which gives them the freedom to reinvest the returns and build up good savings. This is the reason why the majority of people in the UK rely on this type of bond to secure their future financially.

Income for Retirement:

This is the best investment plan for retirees or people who are near to retirement. Fulfilling basic expenses becomes the biggest problem for retirees, when there is no source of income available, and pension income is not enough to make ends meet. It becomes necessary to look for an investment plan which can provide a monthly income. Hence, these types of income bonds are best to solve financial difficulty.

Free to Invest with your Capability:

It doesn’t matter how much savings you have – you can invest as per your circumstances in this bond product, and earn regularly. You can also strengthen your portfolio by investing in several income bonds at the same time.

If you are willing to invest your lump sum in a volatile bond product, then choose this product. But, if you can’t take the risk of variable interest rates, then you can also opt for the fixed monthly income bond. This is the best alternative solution for retirees to earn a fixed amount of return.

Brexit and Trump Were Shocks – Here’s What’s Coming Next

It started with the Brexit vote in the UK, and then Trump’s victory in the US. These two votes sent shock waves throughout the world, as none of the political elite could ever have imagined such results could possibly happen. But they did happen, and there are plenty more shock waves to come. Over the next couple of years we will likely see many more ‘black swan’ events, promoting pro-independence, and even outright separatism movements. The curtain is being pulled back further, exposing more of the establishment status quo.

First the UK, then the US, and now the next big ‘shocks’ will come from Europe, We have just spent the past four decades living in an ‘age of entitlement‘, with governments offering handouts every election, treating its voters like heroin addicts, their motto being “just promise them more stuff, and they will be happy.” It didn’t matter which party, they all did the same thing. The problem was they didn’t have the money to pay for all these freebies, and now it’s the day of reckoning.

Those in charge have run global economies into the ground, initiating monetary policies that included creating trillions of dollars out of thin air, to even forcing negative interest rates onto consumers. They have robbed the seniors of any return on their savings, and have now jeopardized pension funds, which have now incurred massive funding gaps thanks to low rates.

What we have seen in the last year has been quite remarkable, but what’s about to happen is going to make the last couple of years seem docile. There are a number of big political events coming in Europe in the next year. The next big date is December 4th, when we have both the Italian referendum on constitutional change, and the Austrian Presidential election. With anti-EU sentiment rising throughout Europe, either one of these events could be the domino that triggers a contagion, with more dominoes falling. sending entire continent into a state of terminal socioeconomic collapse.

The European Union is at great risk of unraveling, and the potential financial repercussions are massive. Those Europeans who have converted Euro to US dollars on any Euro rally are in a very good position today. Investors need to understand the big picture on what is coming in the global economy. Once you have the big picture, then devise strategies on how to profit from it.

The number one priority is to protect our wealth. Many lost a fortune in the real-estate crash in 2006, and the stock market crash in 2008. We are very concerned that these same people are going to get hit extremely hard in the coming global Bond Market Crash.

You must understand that all markets are connected. When investors in Europe saw rising unemployment, and escalating violence, they didn’t want to leave all their money in that economy. They looked around and even though the US economy was not growing rapidly, it was growing. They also knew that the US dollar was the world reserve currency, and that the US equity markets were the most liquid in the world. So they started to open US dollar bank accounts, and invest in the US stock markets. Investors from Russia, China, and all over the world are doing the same thing, they are moving their capital out of perceived risky areas, into the perceived safety of the US dollar, North American real estate, and equity markets.

So while we have seen a lot of volatility in the past two years, it is nothing compared to what is coming. We are already starting to see the consequences of negative rates. Bonds are now being sold off. This is happening in government bonds and corporate bonds. This is a major trend change, one that is going to deliver massive losses to many investors.

Things are heating up and you will need to navigate through this fast approaching, massive trend change. It will impact everything in your life: your finances, your currency, your mortgage, and your ability to sleep at night. These changes will hit the currency, equity, precious metal, oil, bond, and real estate markets. If you understand what is coming, and have a concrete plan on how to nimbly maneuver your investments as each phase is triggered, that’s good. But if you do not a plan, get help before the coming tsunami of economic changes.

It’s your money – take control!